Thursday, February 3, 2011

Billy Marter - OS Music Artist

It's been getting cold lately and everyone knows the bug has been going around, but that won't stop Billy Marter from playing at Mosiac Tapas Bar on Wednesday nights in Ocean Springs. The setting in Ocean Springs has always always been laid back and everything is within walking distance from one end of Government St. to the other. The atmosphere is welcoming and the music rings through the air from all directions. It is the perfect coastal small town with local artists that range from a holding a paint brush to taming a musical instrument, and in no way are they scared to perform. You can see that first hand during the Peter Anderson Festival, which drew in a said 150,000 people when it was held in November this past year.

Mosiac is just one of the many incredible food and adult beverage locations in Ocean Springs, but the only one that I know of that boasts over 30 superior martinis. During the warmer months there is an incredible patio overlooking the action on Government or you can duck for cover in the stage room and listen to one of the aspiring music artists.

Billy Marter is one of those artists. He is a singer, guitarist and a music teacher. He not only has a bachelors in music from the University of Southern Mississippi but a masters as well. He plays at Mosiac Tapas Bar every Wednesday night, and enjoys every minute of it. Never afraid to interact with the crowd and loves to take requests, challenging or not. He also has a gig playing at El Saltillo on Friday and Saturday nights from 6-9pm. Don't think that playing is his limits, he is also open to teach anyone the ways of the guitar, so if you are like me and have always wanted to learn, do it. Life only flows one way and so take advantage of the current.

I am a sucker for the blues, so I had to include this video. Good stuff!

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